Mother Load!

In the middle of the first night after Emma was born (shortly after she had these cute hiccups where she sounded like a little squeaky toy - see hiccup article), Dad received the honor and privilege to change Emma's first diaper.  Let me tell you that I was wholly unprepared for what I was getting myself into.  Of course as a new dad, I was eager to help in any way that I could and I thought this is an excellent way to help...diaper changing duty.  So, I was quick to accept the challenge and thought to hard could changing diapers be?


So, the first thing I did was prep for the changing by getting a new diaper and wetting a couple of small wipes.  When I thought I was ready to get going, I opened Emma's diaper and to my horror found that this wasn't a normal poop, but the "Mother Load" of all poops!  Her poop had oozed out through all the openings of the diaper.  That means around each leg, in the front and in the back.  I removed the saturated diaper carefully and got that out of the way.  I then began the wipe down.  As most of you may be aware, the first poop by the baby resembles a tar like substance that is the by product of the baby swallowing amniotic fluid while in the womb.  After scrubbing with at least a hundred small wipes I was able to finally see some skin.  During this scrubbing part I kept thinking to myself what I really need is some terpentine and a wire brush!


I finally got the tar removed, a new diaper installed, and a new shirt on her!  At least the good part of the experience is that if I could make it through that change, there is no way it can be worse.... (I hope I just didn't set myself up for something in the future!).


Diaper changes after the first one have gone pretty smoothly and I actually don't mind changing them (its kinda like a pit stop in NASCAR!). 

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